Freedom from column interference makes it easier to store and retrieve products of all shapes and sizes, such as tubing, conduit and lumber.

  • Hardware included for simple installation of arms, bases and bracing
  • Wide flange steel is used for columns, bases and arms, all fastened with high-strength bolted connections to ensure strength and durability
  • Columns and bases feature heavy-duty W-beam sections
  • Arms

~ Made of S-beam steel in light- or heavy-duty capacity

~ Can be adjusted on 4” centers

~ Lengths from 24” to 72” for varying storage depths

~ Various angles of incline for load retention

~ Decked-arm shelves are available to support wire mesh, plywood or specialized steel decking

  • Uprights up to 25’ or higher, depending on arm loading and length
  • Aisle guidance systems available for down-aisle lift truck traffic in highvolume, heavy-duty applications
  • Can be designed to meet any applicable standards and codes